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Snorting Cocaine On Social Media: Upper-Class Mexican Teens Latest Fad

About 5 days ago, this new challenge began surfacing on social media outlets featuring upper-class Mexican teenagers. “El Reto Pasesito,” which can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #RetoDelPasesito, shows boys and girls snorting cocaine and challenging some of their friends to do the same.

Cocaine - "Reto del Pasesito" goes viral in Mexico. Shutterstock:Sergio Sallovitz

Cocaine – “Reto del Pasesito” goes viral in Mexico. Shutterstock:Sergio Sallovitz

Following the “Ice Bucket Challenge” format, teens ask a friend to record them as they make the following announcement: “Friends, I am taking on the ‘Pasesito’ challenge…I would like to nominate [names of friends].” After the speech, the teens inhale the drug and say goodbye to the camera.

This “game” went viral with the video below where we can see a twenty something girl following the scripted lines above and passing the challenge along to some of her friends. In the second video, we see a younger girl recording herself while she listens to music, without saying anything, she snorts the drug and after sniffing a couple times she says: “It’s not easy.”

Unfortunately, these are not the only videos that can be found on Twitter when you search for #RetoDelPasesito.

Mexican teen snorting cocaine vid

Snorting cocaine

SRC: By  Janel Saldana – LATIN TIMES

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