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Rick Ross Countersues Groundskeeper, Claims 50 Cent Set Him Up

Rick Ross says his groundskeeper, Jonathan Zamudio, conspired with 50 Cent to fabricate the alleged assault that took place in June.

Rick Ross

The ongoing conflict between Rick Ross and 50 Cent just heated up big time.

At the end of June, Rick Ross was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and pistol-whipping his groundskeeper, who has since been revealed to be named Jonathan Zamudio. After spending about a week in jail, Ross was released on $2 million bail. Zamudio had said that, after the assault, he was forced to eat through a straw.

Now, three months later, Ross is countersuing Zamudio, claiming that he fabricated the entire incident in an attempt to extort money from him. Ross is offering up Zamudio’s 911 call as evidence.

In the call, Zamudio calls for a police escort to drive him to Ross’ property (or the “Holyfield place”), so he can collect his belongings.

A few things — first, apparently the phone call was made 3 hours after Zamudio claims that the beating took place. Next, Ross’ lawyers will likely point out that Zamudio sounds relatively calm throughout the call — unlike the victim of a recent life-threatening assault. Furthermore, a brutal pistol-whipping to the jaw would presumably affect Zamudio’s speaking voice, which sounds normal throughout the above recording.

What’s more, Ross is now naming his biggest rival, 50 Cent, as the man who instigated Zamudio to fabricate the story and put Ross in jail. Earlier this month (Sept. 6), 50 Cent had posted a picture on Instagram of himself standing next to Zamudio at an EFFEN vodka event. The original caption read:

“This is my FRIEND Jonathan, he was kidnapped and assaulted. He has chipped teeth from being pistol whipped. I can’t imagine how bad that hurt. Wait I bet it hurts like being a CO/rapper in jail. This is not me this KANAN. Now you pay.”

50 has since edited the caption to read: “This is my FRIEND Jonathan, lol. Anybody who don’t like it should do something. I’m out here pull up.”

50 Cent

Providing further background to his motives, 50 Cent was recently forced to pay $7 million to Lastonia Levinson, Rick Ross’ baby mama, for uploading a sex tape of hers to YouTube without permission. Of course, 50, or, rather, “Pimpin Curly,” uploaded said tape in order to clown Rick Ross.

Well, there’s definitely some sketchy business going on here. Who’s story are y’all believing? If Ross is right and 50 is behind the whole thing, it seems like a pretty sloppy job on 50’s part…but perhaps he didn’t think Ross would snitch?

SRC: By Angus Walker – HOT NEW HIP HOP

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