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Relationship and Life Strategist Camille Sheppard-Parrish, Shows How “Successful Women Date Differently”

Many women have gotten caught in the trap of repeatedly making the same dating mistakes by dating the same type of wrong man over-and-over again. According to Relationship and Life Strategist ™ Camille Sheppard-Parrish, these mistakes occur because the dysfunction feels familiar to them, and becomes reminiscent of their past relationships.

Camille Sheppard-Parrish, The Relationship and Life Strategist

Camille Sheppard-Parrish, The Relationship and Life Strategist

In her new personal development book, “Successful Women Date Differently: Secrets to Attracting the Love You Deserve,” Sheppard-Parrish encourages women to take a pause from dating, and uses the stories and life experiences of others as a tool to guide women in their journey of self-examination, self-discovery and self-love, which she believes is the foundation for attracting the love that has eluded many women for most of their lives.

Through her own pain and abuse from her past, as well as from her research and work with successful women, Camille discovered what she believed to be an amazing phenomenon— that many successful women are educated, business savvy, successful and kind, and yet they struggle with attracting true love and building healthy relationships with a great man of good character.

“Successful Women Date Differently: Secrets to Attracting the Love You Deserve,” is designed to encourage women to re-evaluate the way they love themselves and how they view relationships.

Sheppard-Parrish explains how it seems that in the journey for equal rights, empowerment and survival women have become so driven by success that many have willingly abandoned their naturally feminine qualities, trading them for masculine traits competing with men because they believed this would increase their happiness. In other words, some women have lost touch with the fact that their greatest power resides in their ability to show-up, authentically and live in their femininity, and open their hearts to being loved, while demonstrating, what Sheppard-Parrish refers to as only “circumstantial masculinity.”

“Successful Women Date Differently…” helps women to realize that it is perfectly fine to be single but it is not okay to be desperate and settle for the wrong man as a showpiece just to give off a false sense of happiness.

Camille Sheppard-Parrish, authentically draws from her own journey of breaking free from the pain of her past by first learning self-love, forgiveness, clarifying her purpose in life and finally attracting the love she deserves.

Sheppard-Parrish is a sought after Author, Speaker, The Relationship and Life Strategist™ and TV and Radio Personality. She is the founder and CEO of Heart Speaks Publishing, LLC, she is one of the foremost authorities committed to teaching and empowering women to get clear about their vision, shift their mindset, improve their confidence, and breakthrough to the life they have always wanted live and discover their ability to attract the love and romance they deserve.

Sheppard-Parrish graduated Summa Cum Laude, earning her BA degree in Project Management, MBA in Information Technology and is currently conducting research for her dissertation in Organization and Management, Leadership for her PhD. She is a certified PMP and a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and is also the creator of the unique coaching program “The Blueprint to Dating Differently ™” where she uses a no-nonsense approach to helping women do the necessary internal work to “Get Your Mind Right to Get Your Man!”


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