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Iftar for the homesick: Remembering Ramadan in Raqqa

Um Salem longs for Ramadan in Raqqa, when everyone put their differences aside and came together. Photo - Nour Fourat / Reuters

Huriya Um Salem tries to keep her memories of Ramadan in Raqqa alive by hosting iftars for Syrians living in Doha. hildren playing on the banks of the Euphrates River grew up surrounded by love and knew nothing of division. That is the memory that Huriya Um Salem, an Arabic teacher in Doha, holds onto […]

Trump’s View of Syria and Assad Altered After ‘Unacceptable’ Chemical Attack

Syria gas attack

WASHINGTON — President Trump warned on Wednesday that he would not tolerate the “heinous” chemical weapons attack in Syria, opening the door to a greater American role in protecting the population in a vicious civil war that he has always said the United States should avoid. The president declined to offer any details about potential […]

‘I’m going to die’: Swedish girl tells of life under IS

Islamic State took over Mosul and other parts of Iraq in a lightning offensive in 2014 (AFP Photo:)

Marilyn Nevalainen was just 15 years old, and pregnant, when she left Sweden with a jihadist recruit, though she did not realise what a mistake she had made until she was in Iraq. Desperate, she called home from the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq begging for help, and was ultimately rescued by […]

Kuwait Airways Drops Flights to Avoid Israeli Passengers

Kuwait Airways will operate its last flight between New York City and London on Saturday, deciding last month to drop the route after about 35 years of service rather than transport Israeli citizens between the two cities. The Transportation Department found in September that the airline’s policy discriminated against Israeli citizens and ordered the practice […]

Protesters Break Into Saudi Embassy in Tehran After Execution of Shi’ite Cleric

Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran during a demonstration against the execution of a prominent Shi'ite cleric, January 2, 2016. Photo - AFP

The execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr threatens to further enflame Sunni-Shi’ite tensions in the region. Protesters in Iran, angered by the execution by Saudi Arabia of a prominent Shi’ite cleric, broke into the Saudi embassy in Tehran early Sunday, setting fires and throwing papers from the roof, Iranian media reported. The semiofficial ISNA news agency […]

On Perilous Migrant Trail, Women Often Become Prey to Sexual Abuse

A 35-year-old Syrian refugee, Samar, in November with her three daughters, then 2, 8 and 13, at a shelter in Berlin. “Everybody knows there are two ways of paying the smugglers,” she said. “With money or with your body.” Samir refused a smuggler's advances in Turkey, and was threatened. Credit: Djamila Grossman for The New York Times

One Syrian woman who joined the stream of migrants to Germany was forced to pay down her husband’s debt to smugglers by making herself available for sex along the way. Another was beaten unconscious by a Hungarian prison guard after refusing his advances. A third, a former makeup artist, dressed as a boy and stopped […]

The Devil Remains: Bashar Assad Likely To Outlast Barack Obama In Office

Syrian President Bashar Assad. (SANA via AP, File)

Bashar Assad’s presidency looks likely to outlast Barack Obama’s. As the United States has turned its attention to defeating the Islamic State group, it has softened its stance on the Syrian leader. More than four years ago, Obama demanded that Assad leave power. Administration officials later said Assad did not have to step down on […]

Russian plane carrying 224 passengers crashes in Egypt

Relatives of passengers of MetroJet Airbus A321 wait at Pulkovo II international airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Oct. 31, 2015. (Photo- Anatoly Maltsez, epa)

A Russian commercial airliner en route to St. Petersburg from an Egyptian resort city with more than 200 people on board crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula shortly after takeoff early Saturday, according to the office of Egypt’s prime minister. There were no immediate reports of any survivors. Emergency teams said bodies were scattered over the […]

Raped, Pregnant and Afraid of Being Jailed

raped, pregnant

In the United Arab Emirates, migrant women are routinely jailed for having sex outside marriage. Desperate to leave the country, one Filipina maid who was raped found a dramatic way to escape. There wasn’t much in the village Monica left behind. No clinic, no school, no street lights – just a crossing of dirt roads […]

Netanyahu: Holy Site Surveillance Cameras in Israel’s Best Interest

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that adding video surveillance to the sacred Jerusalem site known to Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as the Al-Aqsa Mosque is in Israel’s best interest. He told a Cabinet meeting that the step would help to both refute claims that Israel wants to change […]


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