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Kim Kardashian Describes How She Kept Caitlyn Jenner’s Secret for 13 Years

Kim Kardashian recently took to her new website to talk about Caitlyn Jenner, and finding out about her true identity many years ago.

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“My mom was out of town with my little sisters, visiting my grandmother in San Diego, and I was living with her and Bruce at the time in Calabasas. I came home from a friend’s house and walked into the garage and Bruce was there, dressed up as a woman. Heels, wig, makeup and all! I don’t remember specifically what he had on because I put my head down and ran into my bedroom,” Kim described in her blog. “Had I not overheard my dad and his friends discussing rumors that Bruce would dress up as a woman years before (when I was about 11 years old), I never would have believed what I was seeing. I thought my dad was jealous of my mom’s new husband, that he was joking with his friends on the phone, but suddenly I knew it was all true.”

“We didn’t even know the term ‘transgender,’ nor did we know what it meant. For over a decade, we assumed he was a cross-dresser, not transgender…“So I kept the secret and didn’t tell anyone other than Kourtney. We did not tell my mom, either. I’m not sure why I didn’t tell my mom. I guess I thought it would break up her marriage, and Kendall and Kylie were so young … I just felt so bad. I literally tuned it out for over a decade and never even really thought about it. When I was 30, Bruce called me and said, ‘Are you ready to talk about it?’ I happily met with him at my home and he explained to me that he always felt he was trapped in the wrong body. I never really thought he would one day transition—that was never discussed. So I never could have foreseen that, in the future, Bruce would transition into Caitlyn.”


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