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The Doctor Will See You (on Television) Now

Superheroine Burka Avenger brings messages of gender equality and health to Pakistan in the form of a television cartoon. Image - Next City

Two years ago, a television cartoon in Pakistan made waves for its star, a superheroine named “Burka Avenger,” who promotes positive social change while clad in the titular billowing black silk outfit. With the tagline “don’t mess with the lady in black,” the show presents plotlines promoting gender equality, environmentalism and health. The idea that […]

Aboriginal Community In Canada Declares Suicide Crisis Emergency


Eleven of the Attawapiskat First Nation’s members tried taking their own lives this month and 28 tried to do so in March. A Canadian aboriginal community of 2,000 people declared a state of emergency on Saturday after 11 of its members tried taking their own lives this month and 28 tried to do so in […]

This Mexican canyon is alive with the sound of music

This Mexican canyon is alive with the sound of music. Photo Credit: Jesus A. Rodriguez

The short route to Romayne Wheeler’s cliffside home in Mexico’s Copper Canyon is an hour-long ride in a five passenger charter plane from Chihuahua city. From the air it looks like a glass cocoon clinging to the edge of a canyon wall. Wheeler is an American-born concert pianist whose career spans nearly half a century […]

Chinese descendants of Jews celebrate Hanukkah

Members of the Kaifeng Chinese Jewish community light the menorah on the first night of Hanukkah, December 6, 2015. (Shavei Israel)

Kaifeng community in northern China gathers to light menorahs along with the rest of the Jewish world Members of a centuries-old Chinese community that traces its ancestry to Jews gathered on Sunday night in Kaifeng to mark the start of the Hanukkah festival by lighting the traditional menorah. A few dozen members of the community […]

Artist Ai Weiwei Speaks out over Lego ‘censorship’

Ai Weiwei - 'Lego will tell us what to do, or not to do. That is awesome!'

  Artist Ai Weiwei has accused Lego of “censorship and discrimination” after the company refused to let him use its bricks in a new exhibition. Lego refused a bulk order for bricks that were to be used in a new artwork about political dissidents as part of an exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. Toymaker Lego said […]

Hymns ring out over Uluru on ‘bittersweet’ handover anniversary

Aboriginal women perform a traditional dance near Uluru on Sunday. Photograph - Dan Peled:AAP

While the general mood was one of celebration, the issues still faced by Indigenous Australians were not ignored. As the sun dropped lower in the sky and a storm rumbled ominously overhead, the central Australian women’s choir gathered on the red dirt, Uluru forming their backdrop, and began to sing. Harmonised hymns, brought over by […]

The Playboy problem: has the brand ever endangered women?

Barbi Benton on the cover of the July 1969 issue of Playboy. Photograph - AP

An ex-bunny describes the loss of her ‘family’ as the magazine stops publishing nude photos – but Gloria Steinem is among its detractors, saying the publication has never expressed ‘the full humanity of men or women’ Jaki Nett, a 72-year-old yoga instructor and former Playboy bunny, is worried. “Do you know if the magazine will […]

Baseball History: The Yom Kippur when Hank Greenberg Wanted to Play

Boston Red Sox Jimmie Foxx and Detroit Tiger Hank Greenberg "Original Hammerin Hank" at Fenway Park, 1937. Photo credit: Boston Public Library (via Fansided)

Three decades before Sandy Koufax made his stand, Hank Greenberg struggled with the same question. Joe Posnanski of NBC gives us a truly great story about love for the game, loyalty, and true faith.   Sandy Koufax famously sat out on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, fifty years ago. You have heard that […]

Punished for Being Transgender: Woman Who Spent 2 Months in Solitary Confinement Scores Legal Victory

prison solitary confinement for being transgender. Huff Post

“To the other transgender and intersex women behind bars, don’t give up. There is hope out there for us.” A Maryland woman who was mistreated by prison guards and held in solitary confinement for over two months solely because she is transgender has scored a groundbreaking legal victory that could help improve the treatment of […]

Snorting Cocaine On Social Media: Upper-Class Mexican Teens Latest Fad

Cocaine - "Reto del Pasesito" goes viral in Mexico. Shutterstock:Sergio Sallovitz

About 5 days ago, this new challenge began surfacing on social media outlets featuring upper-class Mexican teenagers. “El Reto Pasesito,” which can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #RetoDelPasesito, shows boys and girls snorting cocaine and challenging some of their friends to do the same. Following the “Ice Bucket Challenge” format, teens ask a friend […]


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